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Ultras 2020

Ultras 2020

Titre: Ultras 2020

Évaluation: 6.3/10

Qualité: HD

La langue: French

Réalisateur: Francesco Lettieri

Scénariste: Francesco Lettieri

Casting: Aniello Arena, Ciro Nacca, Simone Borrelli

Genre: Film 2020 | Drame

Regarder le nouveau film dramatique Ultras gratuitement en ligne. Sandro is the leader of an ultras group named Apache. He gives his whole life to the football team. He is very mad and passionate about his group. So many years ago, he got the position of leader after the tragic death of Sasha, the former leader. The brother of the deceased – a young and naïve Angelo, has now followed in the footsteps of a relative, and after 16 years old was accepted into the group. The young man is enthusiastically looking at his older friend, but Sandro has recently been unable to attend matches due to the ban on visiting the stadium from the authorities. Profiter de la diffusion Trozam films streaming les plus populaires à haute vitesse de mise en mémoire tampon.